Asakusa / Sumida

Asakusa / Sumida

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Sumida Park

❶ Sumida Park

This vast park along the Sumida River is one of the city’s most famous spots for cherry blossom viewing. A magical atmosphere fills the park when the cherry blossom trees are illuminated at night. It is also a popular photo spot for the TOKYO SKYTREE.

TOKYO SKYTREE (Tobu), Oshiage <SKYTREE> (Subway, Keisei), Honjo-azumabashi (Subway), Asakusa (Subway, Tobu, Tsukuba Express)
Sensoji Temple

❷ Sensoji Temple

With nearly 1,400 years of history, it is known as Tokyo’s oldest temple. There are many sights to see here, from the famous Kaminarimon Gate to the main hall enshrining Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, the Hozomon Gate, the Five-storied Pagoda, and the Bell of Time. Pay your respects at the temple and explore the Nakamise Shopping Street.

Asakusa (Subway, Tobu, Tsukuba Express)
Kappabashi Dougugai Street

❸ Kappabashi Dougugai Street

This shopping street is filled with specialty stores related to food. From tableware and kitchenware to food samples that look completely edible, there is new and retro food-related equipment for professionals and at-home cooks. Be sure to check out the “Jumbo Chef Statue,” a landmark of Kappabashi.

Tawaramachi (Subway), Asakusa (Subway, Tobu, Tsukuba Express)
Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street

❹ Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street

Enjoy looking around the 90-some shops along the 250-meter-long temple path from Kaminarimon Gate to Hozomon Gate. You’ll find long-established souvenir shops and food stalls, not to mention the vast selection of traditional Tokyo sweets like ningyo-yaki (doll-shaped sweets), sweet dango dumplings, and kaminari-okoshi (sweet rice crackers).

Asakusa (Subway, Tobu, Tsukuba Express)

❺ TOKYO mizumachi

This new commercial complex was built in 2020 between Asakusa Station and TOKYO SKYTREE Station. It offers trendy cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and even a hostel and bouldering gym for the local community. It is also used as a venue for cultural events featuring music and art.

Asakusa (Subway, Tobu, Tsukuba Express), TOKYO SKYTREE (Tobu)


Standing at the center of this commercial complex is the 634-meter-tall “TOKYO SKYTREE,” the world’s tallest free-standing broadcasting tower. It contains an aquarium, a planetarium, and over 300 shops <SKYTREE>restaurants in “TOKYO Solamachi.” It’s a great place to enjoy with the family!

TOKYO SKYTREE (Tobu), Oshiage <SKYTREE> (Subway, Keisei)
Kitajikken River

❼ Kitajikken River

This spot is all the buzz on social media as visitors can get a photo of an “upside-down TOKYO SKYTREE.” Running along the foot of TOKYO SKYTREE, the surface of the Kitajikken River shows an upside-down reflection of the famous tower. TOKYO SKYTREE is certainly impressive when seen from the river directly below, but we also recommend taking a fun picture here to remember your trip.

TOKYO SKYTREE (Tobu), Oshiage <SKYTREE> (Subway, Keisei)
Oyokogawa Shinsui Park

❽ Oyokogawa Shinsui Park

This park stretches out along the river south of the TOKYO SKYTREE. It has a fishing pond, a waterway, and a roller slide, making it popular among visitors from all walks of life. It’s also a great spot to snap a picture of TOKYO SKYTREE.

TOKYO SKYTREE (Tobu), Oshiage (Subway, Keisei), Honjo-azumabashi (Subway), Kinshicho (JR, Subway)
Tobacco & Salt Museum

❾ Tobacco & Salt Museum

At this museum, you can learn about the origins of tobacco, and the world’s tobacco culture, salt-making in Japan, and salt from all over the world such as rock salt and lake salt. It also has a “salt science corner” where children can enjoy a hands-on experience.

TOKYO SKYTREE (Tobu), Oshiage (Subway, Keisei), Honjo-azumabashi (Subway)

❿ Kuramae

The Sumida River runs through this laid-back town full of stylish cafes, variety stores, and shops built inside renovated warehouses. Dubbed the “Brooklyn of Tokyo,” it is a popular area where the traditional and modern coexist.

Kuramae (Subway)

The Town of Sento (Public Baths)

The Town of Sento (Public Baths)

Sumida City is known for its many sento, or public baths. There are roughly 20 sento in Sumida City alone, from retro establishments long-loved by locals to new sento with a contemporary look. Some even offer a view of the TOKYO SKYTREE from their outdoor baths.