Tokyo Marathon 2024 Attractions along the course

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Bank of Japan Main Building/Bank of Japan Currency Museum

❶ Bank of Japan Main Building/Bank of Japan Currency Museum

Completed in 1896, the main building is the first modern national building (tours available on weekdays only) built by a Japanese architect (Tatsuno Kingo). Across from it is the Bank of Japan Currency Museum (open also on Sundays) with exhibits that break down the history of Japanese money into palatable bites.

Mitsukoshimae (Subway)
Fukutoku Shrine

❷ Fukutoku Shrine

This ancient shrine among the office towers of Muromachi, Nihonbashi, Chuo City is famous nowadays as a lucky spot for prayers to win the lottery or choose winning tickets. The adjacent Fukutoku Forest is an oasis of greenery in the city center.

Mitsukoshimae (Subway)
Nihonbashi Commercial Buildings

❸ Nihonbashi Commercial Buildings

Nihonbashi is a historic hub of commerce and culture. Famous establishments in the area include “Mitsukoshi,” the pioneer of Japanese department stores, and “Takashimaya Nihonbashi S.C.,” which has been designated a Nation’s Important Cultural Property. The newest landmark is “COREDO Muromachi,” where you can find an assortment of unique shops.

Nihombashi (Subway), Mitsukoshimae (Subway), Tokyo (JR, Subway)


Opened in 2021, this hot spot spans the B1-3rd floors of the 38-story high-rise “Tokiwabashi Tower.” Gathered here are stores opening in Japan and Tokyo for the first time, as well as restaurants beloved by gourmands. You’ll be dazzled by the unique restaurants and shops, and you can even enjoy dining outdoors.

Otemachi (Subway), Mitsukoshimae (Subway), Nihombashi (Subway), Tokyo (JR, Subway)

❺ Nihonbashi

Nihonbashi is a vibrant area named after the Nihonbashi Bridge first built in 1603. It is a popular spot where the atmosphere of the Edo period still exists side-by-side with modern architecture. The main features of the Nihonbashi Bridge are the two stone arches and the famous Kirin (legendary creature) Statue standing in the middle of the bridge. It was designated a National Important Cultural Property in 1999.

Nihombashi (Subway), Mitsukoshimae (Subway)
Tokyo Station Gallery

❻ Tokyo Station Gallery

Enjoy art inside the Tokyo Station building on the Marunouchi side in a historic space that makes the most of the station building structure.
The red brick walls of the exhibition room and uniquely planned exhibitions have made it a popular gallery.

Tokyo (JR, Subway)

❼ Marunouchi

Marunouchi is a popular area where you will find a variety of commercial buildings. Most famous are the Marunouchi Building and the Shin-Marunouchi Building, where you can enjoy dining and shopping. You can also visit KITTE, a commercial facility filled with unique stores that exude an authentic Japanese atmosphere. The rooftop KITTE Garden is also a must-see spot for a stunning panorama of the city.

Tokyo (JR, Subway), Marunouchi (Subway), Otemachi (Subway)
Imperial Palace/Nijubashi Bridge

❽ Imperial Palace/Nijubashi Bridge

This is the finish line of the Tokyo Marathon. A section of the Imperial Palace is open to the public as a park. Nijubashi Bridge spans from the Imperial Palace Plaza, through the front gate, and over the palace moat. Visitors are allowed to cross the bridge during public viewings of the Imperial Palace.

Nijubashimae (Subway), Hibiya (Subway)
Marunouchi Naka-dori St.

❾ Marunouchi Naka-dori St.

One of the Tokyo’s most famous luxury brand streets. The main street is flanked by beautiful trees and luxury brand stores, restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers. It is also an ideal place to appreciate art, with many cultural establishments such as the Idemitsu Museum of Arts, and the Imperial Theatre.

Tokyo (JR, Subway)
Tokyo International Forum

❿ Tokyo International Forum

Tokyo International Forum is a convention and art center in the heart of Tokyo. It acts as a cultural information hub, with eight halls of various sizes, 31 conference rooms, the Glass Building, an open-air plaza, shops, restaurants, and an art museum. The futuristic Glass Building is a must-see.

Yurakucho (JR, Subway)
Tokyo Station

⓫ Tokyo Station

This terminal station connects Tokyo with the rest of Japan. The building that exists now is a 2012 restoration of the symbolic red brick station building first built in 1914. With Tokyo Character Street, Tokyo Ramen Street, GranSta Tokyo, and TOKYO GIFT PALETTE, you won’t be in want of places to eat and shop.

Tokyo (JR, Subway)
Tokyo Midtown Yaesu

⓬ Tokyo Midtown Yaesu

This complex directly connected to Tokyo Station includes shops, restaurants, offices, a bus terminal, and a rooftop terrace. The shopping area offers everything from luxury brands to everyday items, along with a wide variety of restaurants.

Tokyo (JR, Subway)