Tokyo Marathon 2024 Attractions along the course

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Namiki-dori St.

❶ Namiki-dori St.

Running parallel to Ginza-dori St. near JR Yurakucho Station is Namiki-dori St., famous for its array of luxury brand stores. Along the quiet street are world-renowned brands like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier. Enjoy a taste of Ginza in all its opulence.

Ginza (Subway), Ginza-itchome(Subway), Yurakucho (JR, Subway)

Hibiya Park

❷ Hibiya Park

Hibiya Park was created in 1903 as Japan’s first Western-style park. Inside the park, you’ll find the symbolic big fountain, the Hibiya Public Hall, the Open-Air Concert Hall, and myriad flowers that bloom over the course of the year. There is also a restaurant and cafe, making it a relaxing oasis in the city.

Hibiya (Subway), Kasumigaseki (Subway)
Ginza-dori St. (Chuo-dori St.)

❸ Ginza-dori St. (Chuo-dori St.)

This is Ginza’s main street lined with long-established department stores like Ginza Mitsukoshi and Matsuya, luxury brand shops from all over the world, and casual brands like UNIQLO and ZARA. Step into a side alley to discover retro cafes and restaurants serving Western-style dishes.

Ginza (Subway), Ginza-itchome(Subway)
Ginza Yonchome Intersection

❹ Ginza Yonchome Intersection

This is the intersection of Harumi-dori St. and Ginza-dori St. (Chuo-dori St.), the main street of Tokyo’s thriving Ginza district. Along this intersection are landmarks such as SEIKO HOUSE GINZA with its clock tower (Wako Main Building), Ginza Mitsukoshi, and GINZA PLACE. The streets teem with visitors on weekends and holidays when they become a pedestrian zone.

Ginza (Subway)
Kabukiza Theatre/KABUKIZA Tower

❺ Kabukiza Theatre/KABUKIZA Tower

Beloved as the shrine of Kabuki plays since its creation in 1889, the Kabukiza Theatre is the world’s only theater dedicated to Kabuki. On the B2 level, Kobikicho Square is lined in souvenir stalls with a festive feeling all year round, while the 5th floor rooftop garden is an enjoyable space even for those unfamiliar with Kabuki.

Higashi-ginza (Subway)
Toranomon Hills

❻ Toranomon Hills

With offices, residences, hotels, shopping, transportation links, and green spaces, the area offers a suite of varied city services all within walking distance. Toranomon Hills Station Tower opened in October 2023, becoming the “new international heart of urban life and a global business center.” Enjoy dining on open terraces at the stylish cafes and restaurants along Shintora-dori Street.

Toranomon Hills (Subway), Toranomon (Subway)

❼ Shinbashi

This thriving area lined with izakaya eateries is known as the “City of Office Workers.” Enjoy the vibrant and retro atmosphere of the restaurants inside the “New Shinbashi Building” and the “Shinbashi Ekimae Building.” Shinbashi is also the birthplace of Japan’s railways. There is a steam locomotive on display in front of the station. You will also enjoy the “Old Shimbashi Station: Railway History Exhibition Hall” for free.

Shimbashi (JR, Subway, Yurikamome)
Shiodome SIO-SITE

❽ Shiodome SIO-SITE

This modern shopping and entertainment complex is also known for its stylish architectural design. There are a variety of restaurants, shops and theaters, as well as an advertising museum. Tokyo’s landmarks can be seen from the observation space “SKY VIEW” on the 46th floor.

Shiodome (Subway, Yurikamome)
Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple

❾ Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple

This Buddhist temple belongs to the Hongwanji school of the Jodo Shinshu sect, the head temple being Kyoto Nishi Hongwanji Temple. Its most prominent feature is the exterior modeled after ancient Buddhist architecture from India and other Asian countries. In addition to the fascinating animal statues placed throughout the premises, the main hall accommodates a massive pipe organ. It is a new kind of temple that also contains a cafe and souvenir shop.

Tsukiji (Subway)
Tsukiji Outer Market

❿ Tsukiji Outer Market

Roughly 460 stores are gathered in this “Food Town.” While the central wholesale market moved to Toyosu in October 2018, numerous food retailers and restaurants still thrive in Tsukiji. You’ll encounter food of all kinds including seafood, fruits, and vegetables. The market is a popular dining spot accessible on foot from Ginza.

Tsukijishijo (Subway), Tsukiji (Subway)
Italia-gai (Italy Town)

⓫ Italia-gai (Italy Town)

An area in Shiodome with a stylish Italian-style streetscape. Not only a nice place for a stroll, but also to dine, with many restaurants and cafes. Nighttime illuminations transform the atmosphere from the daytime.

Shiodome (Subway, Yurikamome)
Hama-rikyu Gardens

⓬ Hama-rikyu Gardens

This esteemed landscape garden was cherished by generations of shogun of the Tokugawa clan. It has the only remaining saltwater pond in the gardens existing since the Edo period in Tokyo. There are many features such as the “floating teahouse” and a 300-year-old pine tree. In the spring, you can see the approximately 300,000 canola flowers.

Tsukijishijo (Subway), Shiodome (Subway, Yurikamome)
Italy Park

⓭ Italy Park

As envisioned by an Italian designer, this park has an authentic Italian ambience featuring 12 Italian-made sculptures and a fountain. With the Metropolitan Expressway’s Inner Loop Line and Yurikamome New Transit to the east and west, as well as high-rise towers to the north and south, the park is an oasis in the heart of the metropolis.

Shiodome (Subway, Yurikamome)
WATERS takeshiba

⓮ WATERS takeshiba

This commercial complex comprises the luxury hotel “Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection,” three theaters dedicated to the Shiki Theatre Company, and “Atre Takeshiba,” where visitors can enjoy casual to fine dining restaurants. Have fun at this waterfront spot with its grassy plaza overlooking Hama-rikyu Gardens, water bus landing, and mudflats.

Hamamatsucho (JR, Tokyo Monorail), Daimon (Subway), Takeshiba (Yurikamome)